Past Pop-Ups

 Zeitgeist Hair Salon 2013

Jane RevittLouise Lockhart, Lizzie Lockhart and friends are creating a Christmas gift shop. A delightful, eclectic mix of paintings, prints, cushions, decorations and carefully chosen objects will be for sale, such as.....

The Printed Peanut's Pass the Parcel is a beautiful version of a traditional party game made entirely from paper. Instant after dinner entertainment for all ages that will make you howl with laughter! 

Jane Revitt's map cushions which are printed with details of vintage Ordnance Survey maps. They are made from linen and filled with a feather cushion. 

Lizzie Lockhart's beautifully knitted children's cardigans and hats. Adult bobble hats are available too!

Zeitgeist Christmas Shop 2012

Northlight Artists Jane Revitt, Lesley Fallais, Andy Pointon and friends created a Christmas gift shop featuring their art and design work. 

Jane Revitt - After working in the theatre, Jane now creates site-specific artwork for public buildings such as hospitals, schools and libraries. Several commissions have involved creating oversized pieces of furniture with specially designed upholstery fabric featuring large scale handwriting and maps. Continuing this combination of mapping and textiles, Jane has reduced the scale and created a series of cushions with details of vintage maps printed on linen. 

Lesley Fallais - Over the last 20 years Lesley has been making permanent, site-specific artworks for public spaces. Mainly on projects linked to Urban Regeneration, Housing Renewal and Healthcare environments. Lesley works with a range of robust architectural materials, creating work with a  locally distinct narrative. 

Andy Pointon - Living in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, Andy loves the beautiful valleys, moorland and history around him. A passion for '50s ceramic and textile design also influences his abstract artwork. Andy is hooked on screen printing and love both the hand mixed paint colours and texture it creates on the paper. 

Pop Up Furniture Shop Summer 2012

Louise Lockhart had a week-long pop up in Zeitgeist Hair Salon where she showed her upcycled and re-upholstered furniture.

Delights 2011

Delights was a collaboration between Lizzie Lockhart, Charlotte Mellor Meecham, Louise Lockhart and Lucy Bergman. It was a Christmas pop up shop at Zeitgeist Hair Salon.

The Pop Up shops in Hebden have fantastic artists, designers, makers, sculptors, printers, illustrators and many more people involved. Here are some:

Lizzie Lockhart - Lizzie has a background in fine art and textiles. As well as teaching for many years she has done lots of collaborations with artists and makers. She has worked with children making wonderful things, most famously for The Sculpture Trail in Hebden Bridge where she made a flock of sheep wearing arran jumpers.

Louise Lockhart - After studying illustration at Glasgow School of Art, Louise wanted to find a way of applying her drawings and designs to a variety of products so she started her own company The Printed Peanut in 2012. She is currently making a beautiful version of Pass the Parcel using screenprinted paper and illustrated forfeits

Charlotte Mellor Meecham - Charlotte turns her hand to paint, paper and other craft including jewelry and Christmas tree decorations. She currently runs a successful event in Hebden every 2 months called Inkfolk where she organizes a gallery, DJs, markets, cafe and cinema nights.

Lucy Bergman - Lucy made beautiful pieces for the pop up shop including painted butterflies on vintage maps and unusual books she calls 'flux books'

Plenty 2010

Plenty was a pop up in Bridge Mill in 2010. It was half shop-half art exhibition and featured the creations and collections of Sheila Long, Jane Dyter, Audrey Tweddle, Lizzie Lockhart and Louise Lockhart.